Inventory Of Several Benefits Of Travel Backpacks

As the most important part of an outdoor trip, the design, and capacity of a travel backpack are directly related to the success of a short trip or not. So it is especially important to choose a good travel backpack. Let’s learn how to choose the right travel backpack.

1. Top Strap of Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks without top straps use a U-shaped zipper to control the main space of the backpack. The zipper backpack without top straps is easier to switch on and off, and you can choose to open it fully or open it sideways to find the contents of the bag. Backpacks with top straps are relatively lighter in weight and have a slightly more complex design. Some backpacks with top straps have space to extend upwards for greater capacity.

2. Capacity of travel backpack

The most suitable capacity for a backpack for short trips is 30L, which is just enough to put down a person’s essential clothes and extra stuff. 30L is just the right capacity for the body’s weight capacity. The minimum capacity of a backpack is 10L and the maximum capacity is 40-50L. In most cases, the most popular size is 30L, other cases depend on personal needs.

3. Breathable backpack system for travel backpacks

Nowadays, many backpacks have their own developed breathable backpacking system, which is characterized by the fact that the backpack does not fit the back in light backpacking situations, allowing the air to circulate in the back, which is a great help to the comfort of the backpack, whether it is for long or short distance travel.

4. Material choice of travel backpack

The material of the travel backpack also determines its durability and comfort. The material that is generally widely accepted is nylon fabric because it is generally wearable, sturdy, and waterproof. Different materials have different functions, so you can choose according to your needs.