Using The Network Data Monitor

Network Data Monitor is a simple and easy-to-use network traffic monitoring tool whose display effect has been comprehensively optimized. A more intuitive graphic display is used to monitor the upload and download network speed of the server in real-time. Users can know the application programs on the computer and the network usage of the LAN. The operation is very simple. It is a very useful network data monitor. If you need it, please download it quickly.

1. Function introduction

Intuitive network bandwidth meter, both digital display and graphic display, Lets you see the data transmission during browsing, uploading, and downloading, Monitor your upload and download speeds in real time. It also plays a role in virus prevention. The accumulated statistical data of daily flow, weekly flow, and monthly flow can be observed. There are also functions such as limit value alarms.

2. Download the steps

Before downloading and using the network data monitor, users should shut down all applications and anti-virus software on the computer.

First, we need to download the compressed installation package of the network data monitor to the computer, open the fast download station, enter the software details page, click the download address on the page, and select the appropriate download channel to download.

3. Use FAQs

Question: If there are multiple IPs, which one can represent my local IP?

In Dos mode, type ipconfig, and the last IP address will display the local address recognized by this program.

The network monitor software is safe, pollution-free, and green software. It does not need to be installed. More importantly, it is completely free, it can effectively protect users’ computers from being easily damaged, It’s a good software to protect your computer, and It has always been a practical tool for programmers and network enthusiasts.