Inventory Of Several Comfortable Travel Gears

Although you can see a lot of beautiful scenery during your trip, you will inevitably feel tired and inconvenienced after a long journey. But what are the convenient tools to make the journey more enjoyable?

1. Dirty sleeping bag

Hotel hygiene has always been the focus of attention, especially in terms of sleep. People may wish to bring their dirty sleeping bag, the entire bed, quilt, and pillow wrapped in, an all-around guardian of your sleeping space, plus light and easy to carry, will not increase the burden of the journey. In addition, the sleeping bag can be folded into a storage bag, small and easy to carry, more suitable for the journey.

2. Mini-chargeable treasure

In travel, one of the most fearful things is the phone is out of power, and the mini-charging treasure is not only lightweight, and convenient to carry, but also meets the needs of the journey charging, so you can enjoy taking beautiful photos. 10000 mA mini-charging treasure can be charged 2-3 times, the price is also relatively affordable and can meet the power needs of a day out to play. In addition, with the data line charging treasure, no need to bring a line, but also to meet the different interfaces of cell phones, higher practicality.

3. Sunscreen Spray

No matter what season, sun protection is an essential part, especially when playing outdoors. The sunscreen spray is the more convenient, colorless, and transparent texture of the sunscreen spray is refreshing, but also will not mess up the makeup.

The sunscreen spray should have a sweatproof and waterproof effect to be a more effective sunscreen.

4. Foldable electric kettle

A folding electric kettle, compared to the general kettle, volume is much smaller, does not take up luggage space, and can always be assured of clean hot water. For folding electric kettle is best to choose 304 stainless steel and food-grade silicone material made of, not easy to yellow, rupture, is more safe and durable. Capacity is about 600ml, almost a bottle of mineral water capacity can be heated quickly, and the compact size is more convenient to carry.