The Charm Of The Crown

In ancient Greece, wreath-like hair ornaments were used to decorate the heads of sacred statues, garlands were placed on athletes and warriors to commemorate victories and were worn at weddings and festivals. These were usually made with natural leaf wreaths, which later evolved into crowns. Let us feel the charm of the crown together.

1. Beautiful appearance

Most girls have a princess dream in their hearts, the crown headdress is of course the first choice. Because the crown itself comes with aristocratic elegance, with a strong sense of ceremony. It is mostly embellished with bright jewels and diamonds, the crown is worn on the head to show its sparkling nobility, so that the girl becomes noble and elegant, exuding a strong sense of confidence and charm. Crown accessories will make her instantly become the center of the party, beautiful people can not take their eyes away.

2. Significance

Crown shapes a graceful atmosphere, always revealing the noble and gorgeous, and has always been regarded as a symbol of true love. The crown headdress symbolizes power, desire, wealth, and pressure. After the Victorian white wedding dress was popular, the white wedding dress plus the crown became the standard for the bride. The bride wears a crown, in addition to representing the noble status of royalty, but also the bride’s elegant and noble temperament. The crown is a symbol of happiness and success and is an essential part of modern weddings, it can bring the bride a different kind of happiness, but also a collection of all the blessings of the invention, which can make the wearer look more luxurious and exquisite, its image of the design concept, means a vivid and happy beginning.

3. The symbol of independence

The Crown tiara also has a symbol of independence, it is like the stars in the night, blooming alone with unique beauty, wear the crown tiara, is the girl’s elegant and noble temperament. In addition, the crown tiara is to hope that the girls can face life and various things peacefully in the future but also hope that they can meet a better person, eager to build a beautiful and happy life with each other.