The Essential Fleece Pants For Life

What to wear in winter to keep warm? The fleece pants that were once disliked by everyone are now back in the fashion circle. Its soft material is extremely comfortable to wear and can be said to have the effect of keeping warm, but also fashionable, thin, and just right for the early winter season. Here are a few types of fleece pants for you.

1、Knitted wide-leg pants

Most of the trouser legs of fleece pants to loose versions of the main, slim version of the fleece pants rarely seen, which is the most representative of the non-knitter wide-leg pants. Wide-legged pants belong to the loose version of the pants, plus knitted material, seems to be a particularly strong drape of wide-legged pants, even loose pants also seem to be a lot of leg thin, thick legs of the girls do not miss this pants. Especially the knitted wide-legged pants in dark colors, more likely to have a thin effect. Tall girls can try to wear long shoes or knitted wide-leg pants, fashionable and good temperament.

2、Knitted straight pants

The version of the fleece pants is a mostly loose style, in addition to the most common wide-legged pants, followed by slightly slim straight pants. Knitted straight pants, legs, and wide leg pants are compared to a little narrower but do not affect its effect of modifying the leg shape. The knitted straight pants and knitted wide-leg pants, it is not particularly exaggerated, for the leg-type thin girls, you can choose this straight version of the fleece pants.

3. micro lah fleece pants

The trouser leg design of flared pants is the most friendly for the calf muscle body, if your calf muscle is more developed, but do not too dare to try wide-leg pants or straight pants, this time you can consider this year’s popular micro-lama pants, this micro-lama pants leg outward expansion, for the calf muscle line modification effect is particularly good, and comes with a retro temperament, with a very elegant, very decent.