Automatic Pet Feeders Make Your Life Easier

People who keep pets will have to go out for a few days without taking care of their pets, Most people like to send them to a pet hospital or ask friends to take care of them, You can have a more efficient choice, That’s the automatic pet feeder.

1. Cat intelligent feeder

Make a reasonable diet plan according to the cats’ conditions, and provide food regularly and quantitatively, which can effectively avoid soft stool, obesity, and other problems caused by cats’ excessive diet. Safe and odorless, ensuring the food safety of your pet remove control, equipped with surveillance cameras, no worries about short-term travel!

2. Automatic dog feeder

The dog wants to increase the number of meals per meal, but there is no time to buy an automatic feeder at work. The automatic feeder can be connected to the APP of the mobile phone by pressing the key alone with the battery, to achieve remote timing and quantitative feeding. The battery can also be installed at the bottom. It is convenient to keep feeding normally even if the home is disconnected from the network and powered off.

3. Automatic fish bowl feeder

This automatic fish feeder can feed fish regularly and quantitatively, Feed 1-4 times a day, you don’t have to worry about starving fish anymore, Avoid the worry and trouble that the owner can’t feed in time, The feeding amount can be adjusted according to the variety and quantity of fish, Even in the quiet night, people will not hear the sound of its work, Enlarge LCD digital display, All parameters are clear at a glance, Intelligent control, easy to operate.

4. Wireless pet water dispenser

Automatic switching between two modes of one machine energy saving and environmental Upgrading filter element and direct drinking water purification technology often water quality and care for pet urinary system