Functions Of Sweeping Robot

The sweeping robot, also known as an automatic sweeper, intelligent vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., is a kind of intelligent household appliance. It can automatically clean the floor in the room with artificial intelligence. Generally, a brush and vacuum are used to absorb the sundries on the ground into their garbage collection box to complete ground cleaning. The sweeping robot has many functions. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Sweep and vacuum the floor.

The basic function of the sweeping robot is to sweep and vacuum the floor. By using a sweeping robot, the dirt stuck to the ground will be swept up and sucked in. To achieve these two functions, the sweeper boasts a strong motor to generate great suction, and a high-speed roller brush to cooperate. The roller brush can sweep clean and polish the ground.

2. Mop the floor.

The latest sweeping robot has already a dual-use rag to wet and dries the ground. It can first dampen the ground and thereafter use the rag to mop and clean it. Some fashionable people with high-quality life can also add some essential oil and aromatherapy to the water tank to make the floor more fragrant!

3. Automatic route planning.

The sweeping robot can identify dust and rubbish and then plan its route automatically. It can manage time by itself and return in time when its power runs out. So it doesn’t take any energy to manage the robot.

4. Anti-collision.

There are a lot of messy things in the house. Some valuable furniture always needs meticulous care. Today’s sweeping robots are very sensitive and careful. They are equipped with 11 sets of inductive electronic eyes and some downward-looking devices to prevent the machine from touching furniture and falling from the steps.

A sweeping robot can help people sweep and clean the floor and don’t need much monitoring. So, having one truly can let people enjoy life more comfortably!